Sesto Insurance | Sub-Contractors
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Whether a contractor has obtained your services to help erect a home, pave a highway, or balance atop a city skyscraper, subcontractors are exposed to perilous situations. Because of the nature of your profession, it is essential for you to protect yourself with insurance coverage.

Sesto Insurance has dedicated agents with experience covering subcontractors. We can insure you for each specific project you are hired for. From home renovations to building demolitions, we will provide you will comprehensive coverage that will protect you and your assets.

We will customize your sub-contractors policy to meet your unique needs. You can opt for a policy that has any or all of the following coverage options:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation insurance
  • Bonds – License and Permit
  • Builders Risk
  • Heavy Equipment and Contractors Hand Tools
  • Commercial Auto
  • Life and Health Insurance

Contact Sesto Insurance Services for a free, no obligation sub-contractors insurance quote.